Sheesha – The Luxury Moroccan Lounge


The history of Sheesha goes back to the western parts of India (Now Pakistan) whit was a part of Persia (Now known as Iran). The Indians used to smoke tobacco in Coconuts. Later Wealthy Persian made the Hookah what it looks like today. The Hookah made its way from the Persian Empire to the other parts of the world. Afghanistan, much of the Middle Asia and Arab parts of Northern Africa.



The cuisine of Morocco is rated among the best in the world and rightly so. There are few places where food is more carefully and artistically prepared, more delightfully served and more enjoyed than in this country. Cooking in Morocco falls into two categories. The first, intended for important guests, is the work of skilled chefs. It requires intensive supervision that the

host does not participate. He merely observers the banquet with his sons and servants. No women are present. The men squat on mattresses or pillows around low, beautifully inlaid tables. A silver ewer of perfumed water is taken around and oured over three fingers of the right hand of each guest.


The host claps his hand and the meal begins. One course after another – each delicacy is served until chban – complete satisfaction – is achieved. Again the silver ewer filled with warm water is presented to clean the mouth, lips and hands. The meal is a feast for gods and indeed it begins and ends with Bamillah – God’s blessing.


The Moroccan Theme Bar is the most favourite destination of those seeking a spell of comfort amidst Oriental ambience.
It serves some of the world’s most exclusive alcoholic beverages, unusual cocktails, a wide range of interesting liqueurs, aperitifs and wines.


  • For the discerning patrons, there are exotic flavoured Hookahs, to complete the picture of super luxury.
  • All this is served along with delicious Lebanese and Moroccan snacks.
  • Not to forget the soothing pipe music, to set the mood for a wonderful and memorable evening.
  • The Moroccan Theme Bar is managed by Celebrity Bar Tender Sandeep Verma aka Sandy.

An exclusive luxury Moroccon cozy lounge with international flair juggling, exclusive branded liquors, cigars & different kinds of flavour of hookahs

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